Green Christmas Session and GCS Previous Editions

The Green Christmas Session (GCS) conference aims to address urgent environmental, energy, economic, and health challenges in our society by exploiting the potential of photosynthetic organisms in promoting greener and sustainable approaches to development.

The use of photosynthetic organisms, ranging from living cellular devices to biomolecular photosynthetic devices, has gained significant momentum in the realm of solar-powered biotechnology, promising sustainable production of fuels, chemicals, and energy. These remarkable organisms exhibit high efficiency in converting solar energy and display an astonishing capacity to adapt to diverse, and often challenging, growth conditions while maintaining unique and vital metabolic pathways. Understanding the intricate molecular mechanisms governing photochemistry and environmental adaptation in photosynthetic organisms is essential for developing viable systems that generate green electricity and desirable carbon-neutral, and even carbon-negative, chemicals. Throughout its previous editions, GCS has been at the forefront of driving progress towards a more sustainable future through its exploration of these critical scientific pursuits.

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