6 – 7 dicembre 2023: “Green Christmas Session 2023 Web”

The international conference Green Christmas Session “Photosynthetic Microorganisms for Sustainable Development” focuses on harnessing the potential of photosynthetic microorganisms to drive and advance sustainable development in our society. This annual event envisioned as a series of interactive online meetings, aims to explore the possibilities of utilizing photosynthetic microorganisms for various applications.

The upcoming third edition of the GCS conference will be held on December 6-7, 2023, and will highlight the benefits of exploiting photosynthetic processes and structures in various areas, including the production of green energy and high-value compounds, nutrient recovery, and waste management. The conference will also showcase a wide range of imaging and spectroscopy techniques to provide valuable and in-depth insights into the intricate aspects of photosynthetic reactions and their regulation.


  • Photosynthetic Factories
  • Structure, Function & Dynamics of Photosynthetic Components

The conference will be virtually hosted by the Institute for Biological Systems, CNR.

Participation is free upon registration (mandatory).

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