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Feedback of the Partecipants

“A well-organized event that stroke the right balance of different topics within the overall scope of the conference. It would become even more attractive if supported by a SI of a good journal.”

Alexei Solovchenko (MSU, Moscow, Russia, Invited Speaker)

“Highly appreciated your efforts. Kindly continue this.”

Aqib Zafar Khan (SJU, Shanghai, China, Attendee)

“I am grateful to the Organizing Committee of GCS conference, it was my pleasure to talk to the audience and to listen to the speakers, too. I was very pleased to see that the Italian school of technical and engineering thought remains very creative, very mobile and original. That was during the epoch of Umberto Nobile and his zeppelins, that was in 1950ths-1960ths during the underwater race between leading countries, that was shown by works of Roberto Bartini and Bruno Pontecorvo in the Soviet Union, and now again we see it in very brave and elegant ideas of utilizing photosynthesis in spaceships and orbital stations.”

Azat Vadimovich Abdullatypov (IBBS RAS, Pushchino, Russia, Invited Speaker)

“It was very interesting”

Ekhlaque Ahmed Khan (CBLU, Haryana, India, Attendee)

“Excellent organisation – great presentations!”

Eleftherios Touloupakis (IRET CNR, Sesto Fiorentino, Italy, Invited Speaker)

“Excellent event organization, great and interesting lectures”

Maria Sinetova (IPP, Moscow, Russia, Invited Speaker)

“The conference turned out very well, with a good mix of researchers covering various related and interested topics. The duration of the various talks, as well as of the sessions, was appropriate. I think that for the next conference it would be good to include some space for student-talks, giving the possibility to young researchers to present their work.”

Matteo Grattieri (University of Bari, Italy, Invited Speaker)

“Interesting, multidisciplinar, challenging meeting”

Nicoletta La Rocca (University of Padova, Italy, Invited Speaker)

“It was really pleasure”

Noor Pasha (Grenoble, France, Attendee)

Convenient reporting format, good collection of reports on topics, convenient chat format.”

Olga Dymova (IBBS RAS, Pushchino, Russia, Attendee)

“The conference was great for my opinion. I think that it is needed to think about possibility to give more time for questions.”

Terentyev Vasily (IBBS RAS, Pushchino, Russia, Attendee)

“Wonderful conference, great organization, nice speakers, content and presentations, I’m so glad I’ve attended!”

Violeta Peeva (IPPG BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria, Attendee)

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