The Institute


ISB was founded in 2019 after the focusing of the scientific expertize and scientific topics of the Institute of Chemical Methodologies (IMC) on the strategic lines of the Department of Bio-Agri-Food Sciences (DiSBA) within which it has been a member since 2018.

ISB is located in the Lazio region with two offices. The main administrative office of the Institute is located at the research area “Rome 1” in ​​Montelibretti and an Operational Support Unit is located at the University of Rome “Sapienza”.

ISB was born from the union of the Institute of Chromatography, the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Service to which the former Study Center on Reaction Mechanisms joined a year later. The union of these four former bodies has made the ISB a unique reality, with multidisciplinary skills that include general chemistry, organic and metallorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, radiation chemistry, separation science, mineralogy, biology, supramolecular chemistry and colloid chemistry. To the scientific tradition based on a vast number of chemical and physical disciplines is added the presence of some researchers and technologists with humanistic training.

With these skills, ISB staff generates knowledge, transfers it into applications and trains young people in the following thematic areas: